Headshot of Joel Isaac. He has a light skin tone and is wearing black sunglasses, a black cap, and black jacket.

Joel Isaac

Joel Isaac is an Accessibility Specialist focusing on web and mobile applications. He is currently the Accessibility lead and Principal Consultant at Novaelis, where he guides clients on integrating accessibility into all aspects of product design. Prior to his current role, he was responsible for guiding product teams through the journey into creating inclusive digital products for customers and employees at JP Morgan Chase. Before starting to pursue his work in accessibility, Joel was a full stack developer building systems for governments, financial institutions, and retailers. Accessibility, technology, and inclusion are part of his life’s work. Other personal interests include raising his family, playing music with good friends, and embracing life.

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Headshots of Joel Isaac and Pia Zaragoza, plus copies of each headshot that are blurred, arranged in a two by two grid.
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