Vidhika Bansal

Vidhika is a UX Group Manager at Intuit with a background in behavioral science, brand strategy, and human-centered design. Over the past decade, she has used the power of research and applied psychology to help shape strategies for clients such as Hilton Worldwide, Gap Inc., NASDAQ, Facebook, and C-SPAN. She’s convinced that the best designs address people’s unarticulated needs and that stories can change the world. When she’s not busy deconstructing human behavior, she can be found giving in to her insatiable sweet tooth, reading poetry, globetrotting, or discovering her new favorite repeat song.

Victoria SosikDirector of UX ResearchVerizon
Will MongeResearch Machinist Good Research
Headshot of Vidhika Bansal. She has a medium skin tone, a big smile, and long, wavy brown hair. She wears a burgundy shirt.
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Friday, February 26, 2021
4:40 pm-5:15 pm
35:00 Min