Care for Creatives

To do great creative work, you need the right environment and headspace, but getting that can be incredibly difficult in the era of constant notifications, meetings, and interruptions. It’s more important than ever to prioritize caring for ourselves, but what does that look like for creatives? In this talk, Nova is going to share practical, tangible, ‘start-tomorrow’ tools you can use to live healthier and do your best work.

Thursday, June 9, 2022
10:15 am-10:45 am
30:00 Minutes
Building The Future of Work Using UXR SkillsBuilding The Future of Work Using UXR SkillsSenior Employee Experience Researcher, Lead, Talent Research and Insights
Choosing Your Flavor of Research LeadershipChoosing Your Flavor of Research LeadershipHead of User Research
Sr. Leadership Development Facilitator