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Think Outside the Research Box

Building maturity in a research practice is hard, especially when your closest colleagues are only just beginning to understand your value. In this talk, Dave Chen and Tino Kapetaneas share their experiences building a research practice from the ground up, and how creating value as researchers doesn’t always mean doing “research”. As most organizational issues are effectively communication issues, researchers have a powerful skill set that can unlock better collaboration for any organization—if only we could position ourselves around those problems and the stakeholders that care about them sooner. You’ll walk away from this talk with a number of tactics from their “credibility playbook” that will help you spot opportunities sooner, build new partnerships, and launch your research practice to greater heights.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021
11:45 am-12:20 pm
35:00 Minutes
The Strategy Behind Building a Strategic Research Team @ SpotifyThe Strategy Behind Building a Strategic Research Team @ SpotifyResearch Lead
Turning Setbacks Into Resilience
Headshot of Dave Chen. He has a light skin tone, short dark and slicked back hair, a short goatee, and a blue shirt.
Director, Consumer Insights
Headshot of Tino Kapetaneas in black and white. He has a medium skin tone, black hair in a pompadour style haircut.
Senior Manager, Product Design