Headshots of Joel Isaac and Pia Zaragoza, plus copies of each headshot that are blurred, arranged in a two by two grid.
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Inclusion 101: How Understanding Ability, Identity, Habits, and Preferences Can Enrich Your User Research

How can researchers best address the challenges related to the systemic issues that our UX and product development practices can intentionally and unintentionally perpetuate around people with disabilities? Presenters Joel Isaac and Pia Zaragoza aim to help researchers recognize biases like ableism and share best practices on recruiting, methodological considerations, and success metrics. As a result of this presentation, researchers will be familiar with key inclusive design and accessibility research principles.

Thursday, February 25, 2021
11:05 am-11:40 am
35:00 Minutes
In Bad Taste: How to Prevent Harm with Design
Inclusive Research: with people who are deaf and hard of hearingInclusive Research: with people who are deaf and hard of hearingLead UX Researcher
Headshot of Joel Isaac. He has a light skin tone and is wearing black sunglasses, a black cap, and black jacket.
Accessibility Design Lead / Consultant
Novaelis, LLC.
Headshot of Pia Zaragoza. She has a medium skin tone, long dark hair swept to the left, with large pearl earrings.
Innovation Fellow